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P2PEasy has simplified the process of lending and borrowing.

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Get cash for urgent needs that come-up without a warning.


Benefits at P2PEASY

These smart loans are designed for the ease of application and quick approvals. So, you can complete the whole loan application process online and in one shot. No meeting people, no long wait and no paperwork or hassles. Just login, apply, and get the loan amount in your account within 30 minutes. Real time, real smart.

Our Proven Process Produces Results

P2PEasy has simplified the process of lending and borrowing. It also gives you complete control of lending and borrowing at your own terms.


100% online process

You can apply on our website without any need to visit any branch ever.

Simple application procedure

You need to provide basic information about yourself, and 2 documents (address proof and ID proof) for approval.

Loan disbursal

You will get the loan amount directly disbursed in your savings account.


Offer available for all. No need to be an existing customer.

How to pay EMI

Pay EMI online using any online channel like Net-Banking (Bank Transfer using NEFT/RTGS) or Online Wallets like PayU, PayNimo PayTM etc.