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How Can p2peasy Help You?

Here at P2P EASY, the bank depositor directly becomes lender to borrowers. The transaction takes place without any bank interventions.


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Earn monthly returns and without any hidden charges.

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Avail small loans Rs. 25,000 to Rs. 5,00,000 without any hidden charges.

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Small Business Borrowers’ Bill of Rights.

Our mission is to build a better financial world, and we are proud to partner with industry leaders to set the first-ever gold standard for responsible business lending.

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How It Works

Simplest peer to peer lending & borrowing process.



The registration process takes less than 5 minutes post which you can start experiencing the ease of online borrowing. As lender or borrower just by filling basic information and KYC requirement as per RBI guidelines.

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Agreement & Disbursement

Hassle free documentation process makes sure that you do not waste much time in paying physical visits. Loan amount will be credited directly in your bank account..



View your loan getting funded by approved lenders. This does not take long time, it’s quite fast. Lenders place their bids on your loan. Once this process is complete, you receive the funds.


Active Borrowers

The awesomeness of P2P EASY is spreading far & wide! Here’s where P2P EASY is spreading joy!

Member ID Name Purpose Loan Amt. Amt. Left Interest Rate Tenure Message
P2P- #1C1F40C3 laxman Self Marriage 150000.00 55000.00 17.00% 9 months Invest Now
P2P- #19806932 Gayaprasad Other 195000.00 100000.00 20.00% 6 months Invest Now
P2P- #aslam2017 ASLAM To Purchase CAR 500000.00 205000.00 30.00% 12 months Invest Now
P2P- #8C6DDF2D vinay kumar Medical Expense 200000.00 95000.00 22.00% 9 months Invest Now
P2P- #0BB8F351 Manjinder Kaur Personal Loan Consolidation 175000.00 125000.00 21.00% 9 months Invest Now
P2P- #8E36A5FE SANDEEP To Purchase CAR 90000.00 15000.00 17.00% 8 months Invest Now
P2P- #B998C574 Girieshkumar Medical Expense 170000.00 60000.00 18.00% 9 months Invest Now
P2P- #A85C82E1 Gawade Baju To Purchase CAR 65000.00 40000.00 18.00% 3 months Invest Now
P2P- #39B7AC73 nayub Medical Expense 170000.00 100000.00 20.00% 8 months Invest Now
P2P- #8A1BB915 Mansoor Self Marriage 185000.00 100000.00 23.00% 6 months Invest Now

Our Proven Process Produces Results

P2PEasy has simplified the process of lending and borrowing. It also gives you complete control of lending and borrowing at your own terms.

Escrow Payment Mechanism

Lending and Borrowing transactions are seamless

Escrow Mechanism Icon

LDC processes loan disbursement and repayments through a third party SEBI registered escrow agent, Beacon Trusteeship Ltd. (BTS). The escrow agent communicates with the LDC platform and on receipt of a transaction, gets it executed with our escrow bank IDFC Ltd. The Escrow account functions as a detached unit from the platform to ensure complete security of lender and borrower's money. The complete end to end process is intuitively managed by the platform without human intervention.

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